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Under The Moon Exclusive Lounge

Under The Moon Exclusive Lounge an elegant cocktail lounge which is 100% black owned and was established in 2014. It is a classy and unique lounge found in a black township and provides a venue to relax, listen to the subtle music or indulge in conversation with friends. This venue has style, elegance and a relaxed atmosphere to suit any and all of our patron's needs. This premier Lounge provides a sophisticated and friendly environment for people to meet.
Whether you've planned a night out to relax and catch up with friends, family, a first date or want a relaxed atmosphere, Under The Moon Exclusive Lounge is the place to visit and enjoy a sophisticated evening out in a spot that makes you feel right at home. The building itself is very classy and suitably designed to meet the taste and lifestyle of the targeted clientele. The place is monitored by Close Circuits Televisions strategically placed throughout the premises and further guarded by patrolling security guards to ensure safety and security of guests. Additionally the place boosts a fenced and well secured parking lot for patron's cars which is manned by security guards.
The establishment provides a hospitable gathering place where patrons, guests and tourists have a good time, often by listening and dancing to good music and or watching entertaining DStv programs, whilst being served quality food and beverages. It is an intimate lounge with style and refinement. Download Full Profile

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